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Oatmeal and chopsticks

So this is the only spoon I own:

Yeah, and the most ironic thing is that when I eat grapefruit I peel it like an orange. I don’t use this odd looking spoon to delicately eat sections of grapefruit. Takes to damn long and it can be peeled so why add an extra step? In all honesty I haven’t really needed a spoon very much. My life kind of revolves around chopsticks.

This has worked for me until oatmeal became the love of my life. Now I have to admit I have yet to try eating oatmeal with chopsticks. I’m a little disappointed with myself because it sounds interesting enough. . . well I guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

Anyways thanks to two wonderful ladies I have begun my journey to perfect the best bowl of oatmeal! So this morning I pulled out my face bowl, partially because I wanted something a little bigger so I wasn’t struggling to keep the oatmeal in the bowl and well, the expression is a great mirror for a little of how I feel this morning.

So as I said there were two lovely ladies that have helped me in my oatmeal journey. One is:  HEAB(Heather eats almond butter)  and the other is Chocolate Covered Katie. Katie’s recipe’s for amazing voluminous oatmeal and the melted banana are my favorites! Here’s my ritual for magical mushy goodness with help from Katie’s recipes:

1/3 cup Gluten Free oatmeal (currently enjoying Bob’s Red Mill Brand)

1 1/2 cup water

dash of salt

The basic idea is to cook the ingredients together until most of the water has been cooked in. Once there is just a little water left I turn it off and let it cool. Once its cooled off completely toss my little pot in the fridge without covering it. The next morning (since I’m kinda lazy) I throw a banana in the microwave for about a minute or more until its mushy and caramelized a little. From there I thrown in the oatmeal from the night before and microwave that for a few minutes to get my delicious oatmeal base:


After I warm up the fluffy gooey goodness my robot buddy and I get to work on the additions.

Today I happily mashed in a little NutriBiotic Rice chocolate protein powder (trying to use it up so I can get more vanilla!), straight canned pumpkin (no added crap), cha cha cha chia! seeds, cinnamon, dash of vanilla and a glob of freshly ground almond butter. Hot damn sounds good right? Even my little helper wanted some.

Mon robot mignon est beaucoup de ennuis!

Miam Miam!



About Nom Nom Miam Miam

I'm like two very different people in one so finding a balance is an interesting but fun struggle! I love playing in the kitchen, running, Godzilla, Robots, and SUGAR! Life's to short to worry about crap so I'm trying to take every day as something new and fun. There's one thing I love about children that I try to incorporate into my life, their childlike curiosity for everything. It's all how you choose to perceive it!

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